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Level - Richter
Ordered before 9 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 9,99
Line spirit level - Silverline
Ordered before 9 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 2,99
Cross level - Silverline
Ordered before 9 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 3,99
Hose level - Perel
3-5 days delivery time
€ 18,99

Operation of a spirit level


This measuring instrument is mainly used in large and small construction works. It is therefore called carpenter's spirit level in the context of the construction industry. Basically, the instrument measures the direction of gravity. Liquid surfaces at rest are in fact perpendicular to the direction of gravity. However, if the surface is not exactly horizontal, then the bubble does not lie between the measurement lines either. This feature is useful, for example, for setting walls, doors and frames in construction. It is also used in installation engineering for laying pipes and plumbing equipment. Furthermore, the tool is often used in photography.

Length of tool


All cables has various sizes of spirit levels in its range, from plastic models from 20 cm up to types of 2.5 meters. For larger objects, especially in construction work, so-called spirit levels are used that have a greater length, starting at 2 meters. For even greater distances, other types of instruments such as models with laser function are more suitable. Surveyors use a so-called spirit level instrument. This is a kind of binocular placed on a spirit level, which is used to measure a beacon placed some distance away. Of course, for every job, a certain length is the most convenient. So check the dimensions of each tool you order on the appropriate product page.

Material and color


The tools are made from a variety of materials. We have both plastic and aluminum versions in our range. You can additionally choose from various colors for the bar, which usually have some form of signal function. For example, there are yellow and red models. Several types, regardless of the material, color and size used, have multiple measuring lips on board, allowing you to read multiple positions at the same time. Weight is also important if you are looking for a level for your camera, for example. For example, we have a handy version keychain. This version is fully functional and is certainly not intended solely as a gadget. You can make good use of this mini spirit level to place on your camera.

Various versions


There are spirit levels with 1, 2 and 3 vials placed in the beam. Several models have handles on board, making them easy to handle even in places where it is sometimes awkward to work, such as on a construction site. There are versions with feet and rubber sides for better grip on the instrument. There are also versions in a trapezoid shape, i.e. with a roof. Two versions you will see more and more often are the digital spirit level and the spirit level with laser. The digital version not only gives a digital readout of the angle in degrees and percentages. You can also set an alarm that goes off when a deviation occurs. Finally, the level with laser, finally, works by remote projection. This type is increasingly used in places you don't easily get to, such as sewers and gutters.