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USB charger - Nedis
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IPhone charger - Goobay
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USB snellader - Goobay
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Original, MFi and non-original Apple accessories


As described above, there is a difference between original, MFi and non-original Apple accessories. Original products are from the brand itself and will always work with the brand's devices. MFi means "Made for Apple. These items are developed according to the (strict) requirements of the brand, so they will cooperate with the iOS. They therefore carry the MFi logo. The non-original Apple accessories are separate and there is a possibility that the product will no longer function properly after updating your device. Do you want to be sure you are buying a good product for your device? Then it's best to choose an original or MFi licensed product. Do you want to spend less money? Then a non-original product is an option.

Different connectors


The brand has designed different types of connectors that are mainly applied to the manufacturer's own devices and cables. This is because it has patented these connectors. Some examples of connectors that are mainly used are Mini Displayport, Lightning and Firewire. Mini Displayport connectors are used for connecting video connectors. Lightning connectors are used for powering devices and sending data to and from computers, monitors, cameras, etc. Firewire is a connection for data mainly used for storage media and cameras. To connect devices with these connections to devices that do not have these connections there are adapters. For example, you can buy a Mini Displayport to Displayport or HDMI adapter in our webshop.

Thunderbolt interface


For this brand, Thunderbolt cables are also available. Thunderbolt says nothing about the connectors of the cable, but it does say something about the interface the cable uses. This technology makes it possible to incorporate both video output, data transfer and charging capabilities into one connector. A Thunderbolt cable is basically a Mini Displayport cable or a USB-C cable, but with a very high transfer rate. Thunderbolt 3 is the version used with USB-C connectors. Devices and cables using it can send and receive data at speeds of up to 40 Gb/s. A Thunderbolt connector can be identified by its logo (lightning bolt). Note that a Thunderbolt 3 cable can only be used with a Thunderbolt 3 connector. Although this looks like a USB-C cable, it cannot be used with a USB-C connection.

Apple accessories


In addition to data or video cables for devices of the brand, many people also use other accessories that facilitate the use of devices of this brand. Some come standard with the purchase of your Apple device. Others are not included, but are handy to have. These include mice, keyboards, headsets/earbuds, charging cables and even computer locks to secure your Macbook. When your old accessory is due for replacement, or if you want to make the most of your device, take a look at our range of products compatible with this brand. These are designed specifically for use with Applet devices and also feature the same sleek design typical of this brand's items.

Accessories compatible with branded devices


Most Apple accessories work on all models of associated devices. Some, on the other hand, only work on different models of iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMacs or Macbooks. When purchasing, always check if it mentions if the accessory is an exception for your device if you want to be sure it is compatible with it as well. This will prevent unnecessary disappointment and frustration. Sometimes you may get the message "Accessory may not be supported". In that case, update your device to the latest iOS version. If you are sure the accessory should work with your model and you have the latest version, the accessory may be defective or damaged, or it may have a damaged or contaminated connector.