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Sewing machine lamp

Sewing machine light: when to replace it?

Current sewing machines are often technically sophisticated machines. In addition to the motor, the sewing machine contains several other important parts. Consider, for example, the stitch plate, drive belt, thread threader, bobbin pin and bobbin. These are set and sometimes even "controlled" with various knobs and levers. Often there is also a piece of clever electronics inside that takes over some of this work. In short: the sewing machine is an elaborate device that works well only when all the parts function properly. For example, it is very annoying when the sewing machine light suddenly breaks down. This usually makes it impossible to continue sewing, especially in the evening. In that case, it is a good idea to buy a new sewing machine light as soon as possible.

LED sewing machine lamp

For many years, working with a sewing machine has been a job that requires a lot of precision, attention and dexterity. Over time, a few things have changed in this regard. Not only in terms of ease of operation have there been many improvements. For example, nowadays it is also possible to purchase LED sewing machine lights. This form of lighting has become very popular in recent years because it uses sustainable technologies. For example, the sewing machine light with LED lasts much longer because it does not heat up as quickly. This lowers the risk of scorching, something that is not convenient with fabric around. You can safely leave the sewing machine light on for a while without the risk of overheating. Although LED bulbs are slightly more expensive than standard incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last longer, reducing the need to buy new bulbs.

Sewing machine light bulb: choose the right socket

There are many different types of fittings used in a sewing machine. Standard used to be bayonet fittings, also called bayonet fittings. You still come across them today. This construction uses pins or lugs that are tightened after the sewing machine bulb is inserted into the fitting. There are several types of bayonet fittings and therefore several sewing machine lights with bayonet sockets. Often used are the BA9S fitting and the BA15D fitting. Of course you will find these in our assortment. By the way, pay attention when disconnecting a sewing machine lamp with bayonet fitting. Sometimes a release button must be pressed.

LED or bayonet?

Most new sewing machines by default use a socket suitable for an LED sewing machine light. Almost always this is an E14 fitting, occasionally you will come across an E27. If you still want the convenience of an E27 LED, the large lamp, then you can hardly avoid buying a separate lamp. You will then use both the built-in sewing machine lamp and also provide sufficient light through an extra bulb. However, many people find this not too practical, partly because shadows will fall on your workpiece from various angles. If you don't want this and you still don't want to use your old sewing machine lamp with bayonet fitting, you can also replace that fitting.

Sewing machine lamp socket replacement

Maybe you are (still) using a sewing machine with a bayonet socket. This socket is increasingly being replaced with an E14 or E27 socket these days, as LED bulbs fit better in them. Replacing a bayonet socket for an E14 or E27 socket is easy to do. First, you need to remove the bayonet fitting without damage. In doing so, leave the piece of thread at the bottom. Then screw the wide part of the reducer over the thread. Then attach the E14 or E27 socket to the thread. Both sewing machine lights, despite their small size, always provide a very bright light. This also makes it possible to sit behind the sewing machine at night.

Sewing machine lamp matching the sewing machine


There are both light and heavy sewing machines. A heavy sewing machine is not practical when you are out and about often and take it with you. However, a few pounds more or less does not matter when you have the sewing machine on a table at home Consider also whether you want a built-in sewing machine lamp or whether you prefer a table lamp or clip-on lamp. A sewing machine that already has a light saves on buying one. On the other hand, the light from a table lamp or clamp spotlight is very bright. Put the pluses and minuses of various types of sewing machines side by side and use them to choose the light you want during your chores.