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Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting sets trends


For this type of lighting, more often LED cabinet lighting in the form of bars, but also still the familiar recessed spotlights such as LED spots or halogen spots. Reason for this is the stylish light that a recessed spotlight provides. Nowadays, LED lights are often used in cabinets. LED recessed spots become less hot than a halogen recessed spot. They are more energy efficient and they also have a longer lifespan (up to 10 times). In addition, they are safer because no heat is distributed. Also, the LED variants are more environmentally friendly, as they do not contain any chemicals. In damp rooms, not every type of lighting can be used. In bathrooms and steam rooms, 12 volt recessed spotlights are often used, as they are extra safe. In addition, they also have more burning hours than a 230V recessed spotlight. In other cabinet spaces inside your home, you can simply use a 230V cabinet light.

Mounting recessed lights


This type of lighting has many different methods of mounting. You can often screw this type of lighting. In addition, however, you can sometimes stick them with adhesive strips provided. Some models are attached with magnetic strips. Always check the relevant lighting product page to see what options your cabinet lighting has. Then immediately check if the supplied cable length is sufficient for the application you want.

Cabinet lighting with sensor


Many models are equipped with motion sensors. Cabinet open, light on. Cabinet closed, light off. An automatic program is activated by the built-in motion sensor. The average time the cabinet is illuminated is about 1.5 minutes. Generally, this type of cabinet lighting features battery power. Check right away on the product page what kind of batteries you need and whether they are included.

Light output and color temperature


Does light output as well as light color matter to you? The light color or color temperature is represented by the Kelvin value (K). The higher this value, the cooler the color of the light. You will find the relevant light color as indicated, for example, cold white light for cabinet lighting on every product page at All Cables. We are accustomed to looking at amount of watts for lighting. However, each light source (incandescent, halogen, energy-saving and LED bulb) has a different light output for the same wattage. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right bulb when making a switch from one type of light source to another. To allow for proper comparison, manufacturers are required to list the light output in lumens (lm for short) on the packaging. The higher the lumen value, the more light output. The lm value can be found on the product page.