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USB OTG adapter - Allteq
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Universal Serial Bus communication with peripherals

USB or Universal Serial Bus is a convenient computer connection that makes it easy to connect peripherals to a laptop and a PC. Here a clear distinction is made between the so-called "host", which is the laptop or PC to which a device is connected and the "device", the peripheral that is connected to laptop or PC. The host is the central device that takes care of communication with all peripherals. This is usually your laptop or PC. One or more devices can be connected to a host. These include a printer, a mouse, a keyboard, an external hard drive, a memory stick and also your mobile phone or tablet. All of these devices listen to the host (your laptop or PC) until they are given permission to exchange data with the host. When copying data from one external hard drive to another external drive, the traffic goes through the host. Peripheral devices cannot communicate with each other independently; this always goes through the host.

On The Go

When you connect your smartphone or tablet to your laptop or PC via a Universal Serial Bus cable, the laptop or PC is the host and the smartphone or tablet is the device. Since both are devices, they can only communicate with a host and not with other devices. But how convenient it would be if it were possible to be able to connect a memory stick to your smartphone or tablet so that you could transfer photos and other files. To make this possible, the software in your device must switch from device to host. Many modern smartphones and tablets have this capability referred to as On The Go (OTG). The idea behind this nomenclature is that you can literally connect a memory card to your smartphone or tablet "on the go." Your smartphone or tablet automatically switches On The Go to host and connects to the stick or memory card, then you can easily exchange photos videos and other data.

USB OTG connectors


A smartphone or tablet is referred to as an OTG A device and can function as a host (master) or device (slave). A printer, memory stick or camera can often function only as a device (slave). At least one OTG A device is required for a working connection. The second device may be an On The Go A or B device. A cable with two mini or two micro connectors has a male connector on each side of the cable. On one side is the less commonly used A version of the connector and on the other side is the commonly used B version of the connector. A USB OTG A device has a connector that fits both the A and B version plugs. An On The Go B device has a connector where only the well-known and commonly used B plug fits. When two A devices are connected, the A version connector initiates the device connected to the A connector as the host device. In addition to the mini and micro connector, the USB-C connector can also be used as an On The Go connector.



With the right cable, numerous devices can be connected to a smartphone and tablet. With us you will find memory sticks with a normal USB-A connector on one side so you can easily plug the stick into a free port of a laptop or PC. On the other side, you will find the On The Go microconnector that allows you to plug the stick directly into the microport of your Android smartphone or tablet. We sell the On The Go memory stick in different memory capacities. If you want to transfer photos from the memory card from your camera to your tablet or smartphone, you need a USB OTG card reader. To connect a standard memory stick, you can use a USB OTG adapter cable from USB-A to OTG micro. Want to connect two devices such as a keyboard and trackpad to your tablet or smartphone? You can do so with a USB OTG hub. This handy hub has two connections to connect two devices with a USB-A connector and one micro female connection for an adapter to power all connected devices.