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USB Mini Cable

What can I use a mini USB cable for?

A mini USB cable is used to charge various devices and transfer data from the device to a laptop or PC. The standard mini USB cables in our range are therefore mini USB to USB, meaning that you can plug the mini connector into the device to be connected, and the normal USB connector into your laptop or PC, or into a charger. Devices that typically use the mini connector include tablets and digital cameras. But we also offer the right solution for devices with other connections.

Mini vs. Micro

The difference between mini and micro USB is mainly in the size of the connector. The connector of a mini USB cable is slightly larger than the micro connector, so the mini connector is just a bit older than the micro. Most smartphones today can be charged through a micro USB cable. There is a mini USB solution for that too, namely a mini USB to micro USB adapter plug. This way you don't need an extra micro USB cable, you can just use your mini USB cable.

Lengths and shapes


At Allekabels we have these types of cables in different shapes and sizes. The length of our mini USB cables goes up to 5 meters and that is the recommended maximum length for this cable. Of course you can use an extension cable to get more length out of your USB connection. In terms of shapes and sizes we are also very flexible, for example we have mini USB cables with angled connectors for hard to reach places, or a mini USB cable with curly cord to keep it compact and easy. Furthermore, we also have cabling in our range with Easy USB. Very handy, with this you never have to think about the way you plug your USB cable into your PC. It fits from 2 sides.