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Phone holder car

Phone Holder Car - Goobay
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Phone Holder Car - Allteq
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Why a phone holder car?

Many drivers know that talking on the phone behind the wheel without a car kit is not allowed. But did you know that holding a phone in your hand while driving without doing anything with it is also not allowed? So even if you use it for navigation and pick it up in the car while driving to see where you are, that can already get you a fine of at least €230. The chances of getting caught are getting higher. The police now work with mobile speed cameras that are so good that they also clearly show whether a driver has a smartphone in his or her hand. So it is not surprising that the total number of fines for this is rising sharply. Since July 1, 2019, it has also been illegal to hold a smartphone while cycling. This can result in the offender and fine of €95. Did you know that you can order a phone holder car from us for a fraction of the amount of a fine?

Commonly used phone holder car


Over the years, manufacturers have developed different methods of mounting a phone holder car. The most commonly used method is a suction cup that can be used to secure the phone holder car to the windshield. The suction cup is equipped with a handle. This handle causes the suction cup to be pulled hollow, creating a vacuum. This vacuum presses the suction cup firmly onto the windshield. Place the lever in the position where the suction cup is flat and press the suction cup against the window. Pull the lever so that the suction cup is stretched. The suction cup is now firmly seated on the window. Note that a suction cup is only suitable for mounting on a window or an included smooth, airtight adapter. Disadvantage of the suction cup, it slightly obstructs the view through the window. If you want a mount that does not obstruct visibility, choose one of the mounts below. A second commonly used mounting method is the mounting clamp. You simply clamp this onto one of the slats in a fan grill. This holder does not obstruct visibility. The disadvantage of this holder is an obstruction to the airflow coming from the fan grill.

Alternative holders for the car


The self-adhesive phone holder car is glued to the dashboard using an adhesive strip. It can be pasted in any free spot you want, so it does not obstruct the view and airflow from fan vents. Disadvantage of this phone holder car is that the adhesive strip is for single use. So first figure out a convenient place where you want to stick this holder before removing the protective film and sticking the holder. Manufacturers have also come up with a number of methods to mount your smartphone on the holder. The most common method is the clamp, where you clamp your phone between two spring-loaded arms. At first, you will need two hands to do this, but with many holders, with some practice, you can insert your smartphone into the holder with one hand while tightening the spring of the other arms. A second method is the magnetic clutch. For this, the holder has a magnet and comes with a plate that you stick on the back of your phone or tuck into the vest. You simply place your smartphone on the magnet and the magnet will hold your smartphone securely.

Smartphone on the go


The smartphone is also particularly useful on the road in the car. With built-in GPS and maps app it has the function of a full navigation system and it is often not necessary to install a separate navigation system in a car. You can simply indicate where you want to go, your smartphone will give you directions and take you safely to your destination. All you have to do is pay close attention to the road and other traffic. But the mobile device's function goes much further. insurance companies are willing to give safe drivers extra discounts if they install an app that can use GPS and the accelerometers in your smartphone to measure whether you are keeping to the local speed limit and how fast you are accelerating and braking. Thus, if you are a quiet driver, you can save quite a bit on your insurance premium. But not just motorists, cyclists have also discovered their mobile as a handy tool for planning their bike rides and giving directions along the way.