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Alarm clock

Awarmers: what to choose from


You want to buy an alarm clock, but there are so many to choose from! Of course, you would prefer to stay in bed until you wake up by yourself, but alas, duty calls. Would you rather wake up to an old-fashioned jingle? Do you still like to clock by following the big and small hands? Then take a look at our analog alarm clocks. Prefer a modern display? Then a digital alarm clock is more for you. These often produce a loud buzzing sound guaranteed to wake you from dreamland.

Wake-up radio or alarm clock with MP3 function

Would you like to wake up with a tune in your head? Then choose a clock radio and be woken up every morning by your favorite radio station. Would you rather decide for yourself what music wakes you up? Then there are also alarm clocks with MP3 function. This comes with a cable to connect your MP3 player or telephone. With your favorite music, the day starts right away! For a quieter way of waking up, an alarm clock with wake-up light is also an option. This alarm clock simulates a sunrise by a light that gets brighter and brighter. If bright light doesn't bother you too much, you can of course still turn on an alarm tone on this alarm clock.

DCF clock

Time is money and so being on time is incredibly important. If this comes down to milliseconds for you, then you need an alarm clock with a DCF clock. These clocks receive a radio signal derived from a number of atomic clocks. As a result, the alarm clock always runs correctly at the millisecond and you do not have to set the time yourself. Most of these alarm clocks additionally have a display of the date and day, or even the indoor and outdoor temperature. When you get up in the morning, you know right away if it's time for a thick sweater, or just a pair of sandals! Furthermore, they automatically jump from summer to winter time and vice versa.

Just a quick snooze


Is your bed so comfortable that you always care little about the first time the alarm clock rings? To avoid turning it off and sleeping a hole in the day, you can choose an alarm clock with snooze function. This way, you postpone the moment of getting up for a while without completely oversleeping right away. Are you a notorious snoozer who quietly postpones getting up for another hour? Then maybe it is better for you to buy driving alarm clock. This alarm clock rides off your bedside table and flees through your bedroom with tremendous speed. You can only turn it off by getting out of bed and walking toward the alarm clock. By this time, you will be standing next to your bed anyway and you better just get up.