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Hand Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner works as follows


A handheld vacuum cleaner basically works the same way as a conventional vacuum cleaner. Most types feature a propeller. This is also how a handheld vacuum cleaner works. The small propeller is set in motion by a motor inside the dust buster. In most cases, this motor is powered by electricity: in some cases by plugging the device into a wall outlet and in others by the energy stored in the battery in the dustbuster. This difference depends on the model you decide to buy. There is a stream of air coming off the propeller that is vacuumed inside the device. This vacuum ensures that the device does not blow air but rather sucks. This suction allows it to pick up your crumbs and other dust in your home. Originally, many vacuums worked with a bag where the dust was stored. Nowadays, many are on the market with a reservoir where the dirt ends up. A handheld vacuum cleaner also usually works with this reservoir, which means that the device is relatively easy and quick to clean.

Which dust buster is right for you?

Are you not sure which model suits you best? In our web shop you can find several copies that all have their own qualities. Are you looking for a handy one that is easy to clean and store? Then you should choose a dust buster without a hose. This version has a plastic mouth with which you can suck up the dirt. The advantage of these ones is that you do not have loose accessories that you all have to give a place. The disadvantage, of course, is that you have fewer options with the device. You can also choose a handheld vacuum cleaner that does come with various accessories. This device does have a hose just like a usual vacuum cleaner has. At the end of the hose you can click different heads. For example, you have a head that you can use on textiles to clean your sofa, as well as a brush head for cleaning a keyboard or other hard-to-reach areas. This versatility is nice, of course, but it also means that you are bringing in multiple accessories that you need to give a place.

Whether or not to use a rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner?

The big advantage of a device like this, of course, is that you have much more freedom of movement than with a regular vacuum cleaner. The small size ensures that you can even reach difficult places with this. However, there is an important aspect to consider when you want to purchase one. Whereas some models work with a plug, others are rechargeable. Of course, this distinction does not affect the operation of your new dustbuster. Still, some prefer a rechargeable device to a handheld vacuum cleaner with a plug. The reason is that a rechargeable one offers much more freedom. For example, it is possible to attach the handheld vacuum to the wall with the charger. This means that the handheld vacuum cleaner is charged all the time so that it is always ready for use. Simply take the handheld vacuum from its stand and you can immediately vacuum up all the pesky dust in your home. If you choose a handheld vacuum cleaner without a battery, you will have to plug it in first. This takes more time but also limits your freedom of movement with the device. The advantage of these models is that they do allow for complete storage.

The benefits of a dust buster


You use a regular vacuum cleaner to make all your floors completely dust and dirt free. These large devices have strong suction and are able to quickly clean a large area. You can think of the handheld vacuum cleaner as the little brother of the usual vacuum cleaner. The handheld vacuum is therefore designed for small amounts of dirt or crumbs you find on the floor or table. When you have left some crumbs after eating dinner, it is not worth bringing in the vacuum cleaner. In such cases, the handheld vacuum cleaner is a real godsend. In fact, with this device you can quickly vacuum up a few crumbs. The small form of the dust buster has even more advantages. Namely, the device is light and handy. The small shape makes it possible to easily reach hard-to-reach places. Baseboards on the floor, small corners and hidden crumbs behind appliances are easily found with a handheld vacuum cleaner. So you have the ability to clean your home with even more precision. Moreover, when you want to store the handheld vacuum cleaner, you do not need very much space. A handheld vacuum would even fit in a kitchen cabinet!