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Samsung Galaxy S21

USB snellader - Goobay
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Samsung Galaxy S21 - Earbuds - Sony
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Samsung Galaxy S21 - USB charger - Goobay
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Samsung Galaxy S21 accessories


The devices in the Galaxy S series are high-end Android mobile smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Note phones. Matching Samsung Galaxy accessories to each type of device can be found at Allekabels. In fact, two accessories are a prerequisite: protection in the form of a case or cover for your precious phone is always needed. Secondly, you need a Samsung Galaxy S21 charger that allows you to power your smartphone. With the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the devices no longer come standard with a charger. That means you can keep using your old charger and not have to throw it away. So a lot better for the environment. The earlier devices did always come with a charger and it may need to be replaced due to wear and tear or loss.

Samsung Galaxy S21 charger

A Samsung Galaxy S21 has a USB C connection for (among other things) the charging function. This connection - in order to charge your device - is connected by a cable to a USB power adapter. This USB adapter is plugged into the power outlet and the other end of the corresponding cable is connected to the USB connector of your phone. These 2 components of the charger, namely the adapter and the cable, are also available separately. This has the advantage that you can determine the length of the cable yourself. Want a short cable that doesn't get in the way? You can. Do you prefer a long cable that gives you a little more options? No problem, we also supply these.

Several types of chargers


In addition to a Samsung Galaxy S21 charger, you will also find car chargers for your device in our assortment. Often these have a dual USB connection so you can power 2 devices simultaneously in your car. When ordering, pay close attention to the number of watts and amps, there are several types in our range. For fast charge charging, for example, you need a matching charger. Furthermore, starting with the Galaxy S10, wireless charging is also possible. However, not every device can do this, for example, the S10 Lite cannot be charged wirelessly. Also keep in mind that when a device is charged wirelessly, it cannot be used immediately when the battery is completely dead, as is the case with a cable.

Multiple functions


Besides charging, your Samsung Galaxy S21 charger cable can also be used to transmit data. So you can use the same cable to charge your device and transfer files between devices. If you use your device a lot, for example at your workplace, smartphone holders are handy Samsung Galaxy accessories. You will always have your device at hand and at eye level, for example. We have these in various designs in our range.

Other Samsung Galaxy S21 accessories


These smartphones come standard with a USB C cable. Before this, we already mentioned cases and other covers as indispensable accessories. An adapter allows you to connect a device with a micro USB output to a device with a USB C connection. We offer these in various versions. Furthermore, we sell various adapter cables, for example from USB C to USB A. A power bank is also a useful accessory for your smartphone, as well as an adapter to VGA or DisplayPort.




The standard Samsung Galaxy S21 charger has a USB C connection, other USB versions such as micro USB on the other hand you will find on older types. Big advantage is that there are many USB C cables and adapter cables already in circulation, so you probably won't need to buy a new cable for your charger. Finally, it is important to charge your smartphone in a timely manner, the device does not have to be completely empty.