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HDMI Coupler

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HDMI coupler in use


An HDMI cable is used for connecting audiovisual equipment. Think of connecting your flat screen TV to a blu-ray player or an Apple TV. HDMI owes its great popularity to the digital transfer of both the image and sound signal. The digital transfer preserves the high quality of the original digital signal and no visible or audible degradation occurs even with long HDMI cables. HDMI is designed to make it easy to connect multiple devices to each other. Here you can connect device A to device B and device B to device C and device C to device D. The digital image and sound signal is transmitted to all devices in the chain. This avoids the old-fashioned spaghetti of cords that arose in the past because devices had to be connected crisscross with each other. HDMI is an industry standard used in audiovisual devices such as flat-screen TVs surround sound receivers, Blu-ray players and media players such as the Apple TV. In addition, HDMI has also become popular for connecting monitors to PCs and laptops.

Please pay attention to the correct HDMI version


Developments in the field of audio-visual equipment are rapidly following one another. Flat-screen TVs and beamers are being released with more features for better image reproduction. These include higher image resolution and systems such as HDR and Dolby Vision for richer and deeper color reproduction. This was taken into account during the development of HDMI, which is why upgrades are released regularly and are indicated by an HDMI version number. Currently, HDMI version 1.4 and its successor 2.0 are widely used. HDMI 1.4 is capable of displaying the HD picture format, also known as the 1080p format. This format can also be used for stereo and surround sound playback. HDMI 2.0 is suitable for displaying the UHD format better known as 4K video, at a refresh rate of 60Hz. This gives a nice quiet and sharp picture. HDMI 2.0 is also the first format to support HDR and Dolby Vision color reproduction. These formats provide richer and deeper color reproduction for movies released in HDR or Dolby Vision, provided you use a display and media player that supports HDR or Dolby Vision.

Using an HDMI coupler


When using an HDMI cable, you may find that your HDMI cable is too short. In these situations you can use an HDMI coupler. An HDMI coupler allows you to easily connect two short HDMI cables together by inserting a plug from both cables into the HDMI coupler. There is no maximum length defined for an HDMI cable, but in practice you can go up to a cable length of 13 meters with an HDMI coupler. We supply types of HDMI coupler with the standard HDMI-A plug, the mini HDMI-C plug and the micro HDMI-D plug. It can also happen that when installing a flat-screen TV, an HDMI connector sticks out too far, preventing a device from hanging neatly against the wall. This problem is easily solved with a right-angle HDMI coupler. Insert the HDMI coupler into the HDMI socket of the flat-screen TV and then insert the plug of the HDMI cable into the HDMI coupler. The HDMI cable now runs nicely tight along the back of your flat screen TV.