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Macbook Pro cable

Ferrite core - Techtube Pro
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Ferrite core - Techtube Pro
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Macbook Pro adapter - Goobay
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MacBook Pro cable and Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt 3 protocol is a technology that takes full advantage of a USB C cable and connector. Therefore, you can simply connect a USB C cable to the Thunderbolt port and use it as a MacBook Pro cable. Thunderbolt 3 technology provides you with data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gb/s, among other features. Furthermore, Thunderbolt 3 offers support for 4K UltraHD displays. Charging devices through the port can be up to 100 watts. As for displays, Thunderbolt 3 offers connectivity for HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and VGA. Via an adapter, you can also connect the USB C/Thunderbolt 3 port to Ethernet and to the already slightly older Thunderbolt 2.

USB C cable, DisplayPort, Lightning

As opposed to Thunderbolt 3, older Thunderbolt versions do not use USB C, but rather mini DisplayPort. Please note that DisplayPort technology is not completely identical to Thunderbolt, which is why the symbols also differ. If you want to pair DisplayPort with USB C using a MacBook Pro cable, you will always need an adapter or adapter. The same applies when you want to connect devices such as an iPad or iPhone with a Lightning connector to a MacBook Pro. You can further use a USB C to Lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad through the Lightning port.

USB, HDMI and more

USB has several different versions. We offer all common adapter cables between these versions for your MacBook Pro. We offer various cables that allow you to connect devices with a USB A connection to the Thunderbolt/USB port of your MacBook Pro. Always check the specifications to see if you need a male or female connector. The common HDMI can also be connected to your Apple laptop. Want to connect multiple devices at once? Then consider a docking station or hub, which makes pairing more convenient and easy. You can expand a single Thunderbolt 3 connection up to 10 ports via a hub.

Adapters and reducers

A variety of reducer options have already been mentioned. These often only consider the connectors to be connected. However, also pay attention to the length and shape of the cable or adapter. A too-long cable snaking around a MacBook Pro does not look good and can also be an obstacle. A cable that is too short is also not nice. You can choose exactly the length you need with various cables. Keep in mind the shape, too. Sometimes an angled connector or reducer is just a little more convenient than the straight version. Finally, many of our products are available in various colors. After all, the eye wants something too.